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 Naslov: Ampking AK4030 21700, A Mooch-Approved 35A 3000mA Cell
PostPostano: 25 svi 2018 12:07 

Pridružen: 11 srp 2011 07:56
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Today we bring you another high-performance battery from Ampking, AK4030 21700. Adopting new technology, it supports the typical capacity of 3000mAh and furthermore. The new Rapid Charging Mode can charge with 4A, which almost decreases 50% charging time. Compared with 18650 battery, its heating test is up to 130℃. According to the data of overcharging test in Lab, it doesn’t fire or explode when charging with 20V and 18A for 7 hours duration, even with the resistance load of 100mW. How incredible it is! Just get one to comfort your vaping life!


You can also find good comments from Mooch here:


More info, pls visit:

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