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 Naslov: Malo posla za VaperClub Veleposlanika
PostPostano: 02 tra 2014 16:05 

Pridružen: 02 ožu 2011 14:18
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Primio sam slijedecu poruku od novog clana evadgg:

Hello from Spain

Hello, dear friends

We write you from, an Spanish vapers forum with 16000 members , and we want to inform you we are organizing several actions to face brutal campaign of misinformation that is being launched against electronic cigarette, and against regulation that is being imposed from the European parliament. If you speak Spanish, we invite you to visit it, as it is a great source of information on all legislation that comes up from European governments , the latest articles, serious scientific studies and thousands of other things. However, of all proposed actions, the most important now is collecting signatures for EFVI .

Why is EFVI so important? Well, it's simple . European Parliament asks for 1 million signatures to take us into consideration. This is therefore one million votes. A million votes is a significant statistical evidence for the interests of the population. As much as the tobacco lobbyists and pharmaceutical pressure on parliamentarians , they are nothing if they lose the election, therefore the EFVI is the way to create our own "lobby" and force the parliament to listen us to stop regulation.

From this forum we organized us in regions within the country to collect signatures. As an example, Spain has 8,000 municipalities. If we got only 6 signatures per municipality we would reach our goal in one day. Although we have not yet get all them, we're also involving vaper’s shops and traders in the campaign to collect signatures, and we have managed to increase considerably our contribution to the initiative.

In order the stores can offer a scientific and accurate customer information about vaping , we are providing them the following reports:

I hope these ideas are useful to reach your target signatures. Of course we would be happy to go ahead in any harmonized action in coordination with mates from stores and forums all around Europe to reach our goal .

We were happy if you tell us if this information is valid for you.
We'll stay in contact.

Thank you for your attention .

Ako su neki zivoti savrsena kruznica, drugi uzimaju oblik koji ne mozemo predvidjeti ni shvatiti. Gubitak je bio dio moga putovanja. No i pokazao mi je sto vrijedi.
Kao i ljubav na kojoj mogu jedino biti zahvalan.

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 Naslov: Re: Malo posla za VaperClub Veleposlanika
PostPostano: 03 tra 2014 09:37 
VaperClub Veleposlanik

Pridružen: 21 ožu 2013 12:17
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Probat ćemo nešto složit od ovoga
Javim mu se natrag, mada baš non hablo espanol


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