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 Naslov: Some tracking status at China post.
PostPostano: 03 kol 2011 08:32 

Pridružen: 11 srp 2011 07:56
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If you have ordered or plan to order an order from Chinese supplier, you have or may meet the following tracking terms, sometimes, which will lead to the misunderstanding. We gathered some to make it clear:

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China post: ... tion=Enter

Arrival at transit office of exchange
Departure from outward office of exchange

Sometimes, you will only get one of this tracking status. Both of them mean that your order 'left China and en route to destination country".

For orders to most countries, those status are the last ones. China post won't update it anymore.

Held by Customs

Take it easy, it doesn't always mean that the customs seize your parcel. It also means that your parcel is processing in customs now, it will release sooner or later.

Departure from transit office of exchange

Unfortunately, your order was returned back to China. We appreciate your contact us to get the solution.


China post:

Timing Site Status
  2011-07-30 19:09:00 BEIJING Posting
  19:39:00 yonganluyingyebu Despatch from Sorting Center
  20:35:14 BEIJING Arrival at Sorting Center
  2011-07-30 21:35:20 BEIJING Despatch from Sorting Center

Generally, there are two "Dispatch from sorting center".

The first one means that the order was dispatched from post company to post office.

The second one means that the order was dispatched from post office to destination countries. Then, there will be updated information when it arrives to destination country except Mexico.

Your item was delivered(SHUNYI) at 2011-03-04 13:42:00
Signed for by:李权

You didn't receive your order, but it shows that it is delivered, if you google it, this city belongs to China. Unfortunately, it means that it didn't go through China airport security, this order has been signed for by post office and will be returned to us.

If you get this status, we appreciate your contact us to let us know. We will re-ship it as soon as possible.

Some of them may not fit the orders to your countries, more information you can refer to

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