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 Naslov: Wantoo:filter shape and taste is high to restore real smoke!
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Pridružen: 02 lip 2016 09:55
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In recent years, the light smoke market has rushed into the consumer market. I don’t know when it’s time to discover that the young people around me have come up with a “small gadget” from time to time. Appearance is the mainstream of the market, Consumers have always wanted to find products that look good and taste good.
UD has also recently launched a brand new vape pen,which will bring you the evaluation of this electronic cigarette.
Packaging and Acessories
Wantoo outer box color is simple white, simple and stylish, product name, picture, color, etc. at a glance.
The front and the front of the outer packaging indicate the appearance and color of the product. Wantoo has three colors of black, white and red. The product introduction picture of the outer packaging is the black version of Wantoo. The back part indicates the main ingredients and warm reminders, suggesting that the minor Pregnant women, etc. are not suitable for use. There are obvious prohibitions and reminders on the packaging copy, which is in line with social advocacy and worthy of learning from other brands in the industry.
Open the box to see the Wantoo pod, and also have an empty cartridge, two bead filters, a nozzle, a data cable, and of course the manual and warranty card. Having a filter also means a breakthrough in simulation. The two filters are equipped to be different from the general e-cigarettes on the market, enabling sharing between friends and family. Most e-cigarettes on the market cannot share others for health reasons. Think about it, other friends can share when we are smoky, curiosity and horror, this is the same as real smoke, very pleasant surprise!
The installation operation is really very simple. You can suck the filter directly on the rod, or you can suck it directly against the rod without the filter. No need for a button, the atomizing core is energized, the atomizing smoke is smoked, the automatic airflow is sensed, and the inhalation is a switch.
The design of the cylindrical shape is in line with the ergonomics of the three fingers. At the same time, it also restores the real smoke feel. The stunning aluminum alloy material feels like the apple-grade industrial texture!
When smoking, the current battery light is on and the output is turned on. The design of the power lamp is based on the logo of the Wantoo pole smoke.
Tasting Experience
If a product packaging design is outstanding, the taste is also nonsense, excellent configuration and first-class taste is the king!
The user can directly use the cigarette rod to suck. It is mentioned that the tobacco rod will simulate the sound of cigarette bonfire and help control the amount of inhalation. After the addition of the filter suction, the pinch-exploding bead instantly has some cool feelings of pumping Marlboro. The cotton filter with the dense smoke and the smoke is almost the same ! Will not live up to the expectations of consumers for this e-cigarette.
Adding a filter has a sense of ritual. For us, the sense of ritual is never just a phrase in the circle of friends, but a true love of life and satisfaction in various details. Wantoo's real smoke taste really makes me feel the satisfaction of a real cigarette and a small sense of ritual.
The overall taste of this electronic cigarette is smoky, with a moderate throat and a smooth taste. The market price is around $10, and the price is extremely high.
What is the most uncomfortable thing about smoking electronic cigarettes? Most people who have the same evaluation think that it is a leak. Whether it is sucking oil or leaking a hand oil at the bottom of the cartridge, the user can end the happy day in minutes. Wantoo did not leak oil during the process of smoking. The product description was written as “No Leakage during air transportation”.
This product is a light smoke, similar to a disposable cigarette. After the smoke oil is exhausted, it can be discarded. The smoke oil is similar to the light smoke. That is to say, it is really suitable for the lazy person.
Wantoo smoky, cotton beaded filter is really smokey, and the packaging is simple and stylish. No need to charge oil, fool-like operation. There are not many slots in the whole evaluation process. The industrial design of the accessories design has a strong sense of ingenuity and can be shared. The brand insists on the concept of non-smoking for minors, and highly restores the five flavors, but it gives the author a lot of surprises.

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