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Pomozite susjedima...tko zna :conf:

Hi vapers!

There are some bad news from Europe/Hungary. A few days ago hungarian customs seized a wholesaler eliquid stock without legal authorization. In Hungary, there is NO law against nic eliquids. Inside man in NAV (hungarian customs office) says, they were instructed to ban nic eliquids and from 2013.01.01 they want to ban ecig like normal cigarette. (not enable to use in pubs, job place, community places, bus stations, hospitals open areas, etc) We start an online petiton against this, please sign it to support us. In addition, we try to reach newspapers, TV/radio stations, or start demonstrations against this... In hungary, one box of cigarette is 800HUF ($3.60) and same liquid for one day is 150HUF ($0.70). (it seems to be cheap but the minimal wage is $2.50....) The cigarette tax content is ~75% so thats why they start this ........ it will be a permanent ban or we get same prices like south african vapers (20$/10ml) and only available in pharmacy...

Please support us with your sign.

Thank you,
Petition ... A1%C3%A9rt

Uspjeh je stvoriti iz nečega nešto, a najveći iz ničega nešto.

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