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 Naslov: Tesla Invader 2/3, Nano 120W and Starter Kit up to 41% Off a
PostPostano: 19 svi 2017 06:04 

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As we all know, Tesla Nano has drawn great attention in the vaping market since it was released! Personally speaking, not only the Tesla Nano, but all the devices from Teslacigs maintain a temperament of masculinity!

Tesla Invader 2/3 box mod is a product with higher output power launched by Teslacigs following Invader III. You can choose to use 2/3 batteries and obtain different power output(240W/360W) by adjusting the voltage of the potentiometer. This box mod is suitable for users who like to use an atomizer with low resistance and cloud of vapor. It will bring you an unprecedented Vaping experience. You can get it with $42.39 and enjoy free shipping.


Obviously, Tesla Nano 120W box mod is another new device has hit the market. This box mod is great for those who like a lil heft in their mod, as it weighs in at just under 14ozs with batteries and RDA. You can now buy this nifty box mod for only $43.99 from Urvapin, which is a radical 30% savings on the actual launch price.


If you want to get a high performance, cost-effective and affordable device, then Tesla Terminator 90W starter kit is the one. Very strong battery on the door and doesn't rattle (this is a big deal to me). It’s a very impressive little starter kit. You can get it with $29.69 and enjoy free shipping.


As the first complete ‘all-in-one’ setup from Tesla Cigs, Tesla AIO 70W Starter Kit is a decent all in one device that can be carried around in pockets, doesn't leak or spit and leave you with a mouth full of juice. For any vaping enthusiast with their focus primarily on discretion while vaping in public places like a university campus or the workplace, it’s hard to go wrong with this AIO starter kit from Tesla. Moreover, it’s on sale 41% off, lower to $32.99 and free shipping.


Friends, have a careful look on, you will find there are business programs of Drop Ship and Affiliate, besides with Wholesale Price.
If you have requirement on those, pls feel free to contact

Urvapin: Super Original Vape Deals

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