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 Naslov: 【Popular】Aspire Cleito EXO Tank- 2ml & 3.5ml
PostPostano: 31 ožu 2017 09:01 

Pridružen: 23 stu 2015 09:09
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Hi guys,
A good market hero: Aspire Cleito EXO Tank- 2ml & 3.5m

Compact quality & lower price
Colorful tank make your vaping life beautiful!


Specific & Features
The Cleito has been given a makeover, and we have listened to the feedback of our loyal customers.
The all-new Cleito Exo is a top fill tank, simply unscrew the top cap and add your e-juice.
The Cleito Exo has an improved airflow system located on the top of the tank on the sides.
With this new airflow design you can expect a great improvement in flavor and vapor production.
That’s not it though, we have tested our tank for leaks and this new airflow design has kept up without any leaks.
The Cleito Exo will come with 3.5 ml Standard Version that offers a 0.16Ohm (40-60W) coil and the 2ml TPD Version comes with an extra 0.4Ohm (60-100W) coil.
The Cleito Exo also is less likely to have its glass cracked since a majority of the tank is covered in metal oppose to glass.
All in all, the Cleito Exo will go above and beyond your expectations of a tank.

know more details here>>
ave40 is the best choice, welcome to join our wholesale family and be better with us, any feedback please drop us a email on
Enjoy and looking for your join~~

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 Naslov: Re: 【Popular】Aspire Cleito EXO Tank- 2ml & 3.5ml
PostPostano: 06 tra 2017 05:26 

Pridružen: 23 stu 2015 09:09
Postovi: 652
Hey guys,
have you check the unboxing video of [url='']Aspire Cleito EXO Tank- 2ml & 3.5m[/url] slideshow
100% original Aspire cleito EXO Tank please check on [url=''][/url]
Compentitive price & quality guarantte !

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